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Fitness Tips From the Experts

Working out during pregnancy is not as easy as just saying, “Ok, let’s go for a run.” Today we have tips on fitness during pregnancy that are real and very applicable. They come from various fitness industry personalities who have all been there before you.

Listen to these mothers share their tips on fitness and pregnancy and start today on your own journey of building that solid foundation for you and your baby’s health

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Snacks to Dazzle the Eyes and Fill the Tummy

Snack time can be such a hassle, some times. We are a very busy people, and with all the running around we do…whether it’s to the soccer field or to our jobs or even both, we never seem to have enough time.

So when it comes to providing healthy snacks for ourselves as moms-to-be, or for our kids who are in tow, sometimes it’s just easier going for the quick fix (read between the lines: junk food, chips, cookies, you know…all the “good” stuff) because we think preparing something healthy will just take us too long.

Well, today we have some help…and yes, it includes some gorgeous pictures that will make your mouth water. But the nice thing about these snacks that the kind folks over at have done for us is that they have given us examples which are all really easy to make.

For example, the colorful displays of fruit on plates is simply wonderful. It’s a feast for the eye even before it hits the stomach. And what about that great rainbow vegetable platter? It really doesn’t get any healthier than that.

This examples are very quick to make, and they will go a long way in really providing a strong foundation in quality nutrition.

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We Know What You Moms Do!

Here’s a funny little piece about all the things moms do that nobody recognizes nor appreciates. Yes, we know that you do a lot…and that all too often it goes unsaid without even a nod of appreciation. But we have you here…we know…

That you are the ones who deal with those icky bodily fluids when nobody else will. I mean, you have dealt with it all! Catching baby’s “more than just a burp” in your hands. Or worse yet, having to clean up that explosive backside that leaks out the top of the diaper.

Yes, we know that there is so much that you deal with that no one else sees. We’re to say, we appreciate you.

Read on for 6 other things that moms do that often go unappreciated.

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Stereotypes Exist to be Broken!

Are you tired of hearing the same old stereotypes about motherhood again and again? You know the ones…like all you want to do is sleep. Or how about the one that says you never have any energy for anything else but your baby?

Makes it sound like motherhood is some sort of life-stealing blackhole, doesn’t it? But that’s not necessarily true of motherhood at all. Especially these days as there has been more of an emphasis upon fit and healthy pregnancies. And perhaps this is the reason such stereotypes existed…

Well, we have nice article that lays out these and other stereotypes for you tonight, and remember ladies…stereotypes were meant to be broken!

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Nighty Night Time Advice

Bedtime can be a chore, right? A sleepy baby may suddenly be bright-eyed and bushy tailed all of a sudden when you go to put him or her down in her crib or bed. And this can lead to a whole new hour of pacing back and forth, singing lullabies, and swaying side to side. So what’s a mother or father to do?

For one thing, build a routine…a solid routine that you keep to no matter what. It may take some time to come up with that routine, a little bit of trial and error, but once you have it you never change it.

How long should this routine take? I would say no more than two weeks. You are experimenting with things here and there, and then slowly building up the data and research for what works and doesn’t.

To help you with more on building up a nighttime routine and other bits of advice to get your baby to sleep, we have a great article for you today after the link.

Read the full article here: No More Bedtime Battles

US vs the World! USA! US! Wait…what did that video just say about maternity laws?

A new video posted today comparing the maternity laws of countries around the world with that of the good ‘ol U.S. of A. The results are somewhat startling.

For example, did you know that out of all the countries in the world, only 7 do not have laws requiring paid maternity leave. Can you guess who is one of the seven? Yup, that’s right…

In addition to this, we also learn that 11% of women who work at private companies receive paid leave.

Swedish law says that 8 weeks is reserved for each parent to take time off during maternity leave. Perhaps we are seeing a big divide here between how our country handles maternity leave as opposed to the rest of the country.

There’s no doubt in anyones mind that the concept of maternity leave must be revisited at the Federal level. It should not be the sole responsibility of private corps. to fund and care for women during their pregnancies.

If you think about it, really what we are doing here is investing the future of our great country. There is actually a beneficial return for us, at a federal level, to take a look at and even revise maternity law today.

Now, before you get any wrong ideas, we are not advocating a completely turned on its head social program for healthcare. We aren’t politicizing in that arena whatsoever. All we are simply saying is that a look at maternity law from a Federal perspective will not only benefit mothers, babies, but also our country in general.

Take a look today at this interesting video, and let’s see what can be done about this…

Live and Learn or Old and Wise

We have a very interesting article that pulls together some sociological research on the age of parents and their overall satisfaction with life and parenting.

It essentially compares you parents with parents who waited well into their mid-30s to 40s before having children. You may guess, and rightly so, that it does seem to imply that those who are older may be “happier” because they have more direction in life, stability in career, and development in character.

But an interesting this is also found in the comments where a younger mother does remind everyone to not let this article be the single deciding factor in whether one should have a baby or not.

Ultimately, it appears that this is also an issue of personal choice. Read on to learn more.

Read the full article here: Are Older Parents Really Happier Than Younger Ones?

Learning the Language of Love

Having a special needs child is one of the most rewarding, and at times, difficult experiences to have. One thing that may make it that much more difficult is learning the special process of communication which your child may utilize to communicate and express themselves.

We came across a wonderful article, a resource if you will, that may help to encourage you and teach you along the way. It actually contains links to various resources which may help you understand your child, communicate better with your child, and listen and understand your child better.

Take a look, it’s quite helpful.

Read the full article here: The Special Language of Special Needs

Parenting: Disney Edition! has a great collection of .gifs from various Disney cartoons depicting things we know all too well when it comes to parenting.

They have captured some of the sentiments perfectly in some of these. For example, take a look here:

When nobody in your family fought over the iPad all day. Because it broke.


Check out 17 more that will leave a smile on your face!

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Are You Ready For the Ultimate Parenting Test?

Halloween is a few days away, and parents everywhere are scrambling for the best costume in the entire world to make it memorable…not sure who for, but with baby’s first Halloween somebody better win it!

Well, let me help you out with an idea…these parents certainly are winners, at least for a day! Check this costume out and be humbled…and after you’re done with that, pull out that glue gun and led strips and get to work.

Let’s light up baby the right way this year!!!