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Wonderful News from the March of Dimes

This past week saw the observance of World Prematurity Day. What is that? It’s a day where we remember the serious issue of premature births throughout the world, and the research and healthcare being done to help stamp it out.

Now we have great news from the March of Dimes as they themselves have pledged 75 million dollars over the next 10 years for 5 research facilities.

Here is to the continuing efforts to bring healthy babies into this world.

Thank you.

Read the important announcement here: Launching new, cutting edge prematurity research centers

Fish ‘n Chips

Today we have a great recipe for you…especially if you love fish sticks. One reason I love recipes so much is because they are great to bring the family together. Cooking together in the kitchen is a wonderful way to spend time together as a family and to build memories.

So take a look at today’s recipe and have everyone roll up those sleeves to get their hands dirty.

Read the full article here: The Best Fish Sticks You’ll Ever Eat

Wind Beneath My Wings Or Theirs?

Parenting is a paradox: Stepping back from your children teaches them independence, and in turn often leads them to grow closer to you as a parent. Keeping a close eye on our kids often leads them to spread their wings and fly.

Both are necessary. Both are difficult. Both are parenting. Like two sides of one coin, you can’t have one without the other. We need such paradoxes in our lives, for through it we grow, and they grow as well.

Just think of your baby taking its first steps…you want to hold on, but know that at the same time you need to let go in order to let them explore. At the same time, as they learn to walk, where do they go? That’s right…into your arms.

Life is paradoxical like that. And that’s why I love today’s article…it’s about such paradox in the life of parenting, and it has much wisdom here for you to explore, reflect upon, and even apply in your own children’s lives.

There is no doubt that parenting can be difficult, but with the help of the internet and wonderful articles like this, we see that there is plenty of advice all around us to help…to help us laugh, to help us cope, to help us learn from one another.

Happy reading.

Read the full article here: Holding Close and Letting Go

Designing Your Home For Kids

How intentional is the design of your rooms and the furniture in your home?

Does it take into consideration not just your own habits and likes or dislikes, but also your children and their direction in life?

Take a look today at this wonderful interview and pictures to go along with it, of a family that has centered its house around their mutual love and passion. See how it brings them together and ask, what’s bringing your home together today?

Read the full article here: Living with Kids: Andrea Duclos

What have we shown today?

What does being a mommy mean to you?

Kids can speak such honest truth in its simplest forms at times. Today I came across this great little post where a mommy’s daughter defines motherhood. I just love her definition.

How would your kids define motherhood? How would they define love?

Sometimes, showing our kids what these words mean makes all the difference in the world. What have we shown today?


4 letters no parent wants to see. The NICU can be a difficult experience. It is not only draining mentally, but physically and emotionally as well. And that is something to really consider…

As you are going to care for your child, whether your baby is premature or there’s some other reason you’re in the NICU, you have to also ask yourself who is caring for you.

Studies have shown that parents of babies in the NICU are at a significantly higher risk for depression. Knowing this alone can help as you deal with the emotions and circumstances that have led you to the NICU. Being able to talk to someone about those feelings and emotions would even be better.

But perhaps you don’t have anyone to talk to. Perhaps parents, in-laws, relatives are simply too far away to be there. Perhaps you are literally alone. You need to understand one thing right now: You are never alone. If you need to talk to someone, the hospital has people on staff who would love to spend time listening. Whether it’s a counselor or spiritual advisor…and remember one thing about spiritual advisors: You don’t have to be religious to sit down and talk with them, and they won’t necessarily try to push religion on you if you do. They are simply there to help in whatever way they can.

Take a moment to read today’s article, and if you are struggling in the NICU right now, just remember that you are not alone.

Read the full article here: Staying Positive in the NICU

Design Inspiration for the Older One In Your Midst

With all the excitement of a new baby coming into the home, sometimes older siblings (pre-teens and even teens) may feel a bit left out or even forgotten.

One way that you can show your care and concern for them is to work on a new bedroom theme for them. Why? Well, with all the hustle and bustle over a nursery in the house, you can show that you care for their living space as well.

With that in mind, we have possible source of inspiration for you and your older child. Take a look at this inspiration board together and use it to get those creative juices flowing between the two of you.

Read the full article here: Fun & Funky Teen Room

Need To Take a Shower?

Not the water kind…the baby kind!

Maybe you’ve been put in charge of planning a baby shower for a dear friend, and you are looking for some ideas. They could be theme ideas, party ideas, craft ideas, etc.

These types of showers are so fun and enjoyable to prepare. Today we have a nice blog that does just that; it gives you ideas for a baby shower, including colors and crafts.

Enjoy. And…have fun.

Read the full article here: Pink & Blue Baby Shower Ideas

The Holidays Are Upon Us and the In-Laws Are Coming

It’s that time of year again…the holidays are upon us. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Chanukah, or Christmas, it all means one thing: The in-laws are upon us.

They may be coming to your home or you may be getting to invade theirs. It doesn’t matter. Things are about to get loud and big. Lots of family, lots of people fawning over baby, lots of banter back and forth.

It doesn’t matter…every year is always the same. And regardless of whether you have the greatest relationship with your in-laws and extended family, or if you have a strained one, anyone and everyone could use some help getting through it.

Today we have a few suggestions from a great article about staying happy during this holiday season. What’s the secret to having an uneventful season that’s stress free? Well, for one thing…and this is a big one: stay away from the alcohol. I know, sometimes we think a drink might be nice to take the edge off. But what holiday movie that contained alcohol ever ended well? Yeah, you don’t want that.

Here’s another great bit of advice: Don’t over stuff yourself. Nobody wants to sit around feeling way too full and then on top of that have to deal with a crowded room. That can make for some very cranky people.

The holidays were meant to be fun and reflective. And I bet it will be just that for you this year. Read this advice and have a great season.

Read the full article here: 7 Tips For Getting Along With Your Difficult Relatives Over Thanksgiving

Just, wow…

These photos are hilarious. And if you don’t know the joy of your child throwing a tantrum, then you soon will.

Until then, peruse these 34 hilarious photos and prepare yourself for what is to come! Really, it’s a lot of fun. I especially like number 4. How dare they say no to more bacon. A travesty…a complete injustice.

Trust me.

Read the full article here: 34 Hilarious Photos of Kids Losing It Over Nothing