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Family Movies in 2015

No, this is not about all the cool new movies coming out. Rather, it’s about those you may have missed before…the oldies but goodies.

We have here a suggestion on a book today that reviews some the best family movies for you all to watch together. So pop the popcorn and get ready to have some family viewing fun.

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A Year In Review

As the year winds down, one thing you may want to do with your family as a whole is spend time reviewing the year. Reflection is a great way to really think about what matters and where you want to go in the year 2015.

For some helpful reflection questions, take a look at today’s article.

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Are You Still Recovering From the Holidays? Here Are a Few Suggestions

Are you still struggling with holiday burn out and fatigue? It’s over…the ornaments, decorations and presents are all gone. The relatives have all left.

Now it’s time for a little decompression. But the only problem is, you’re still feeling the fatigue and pressure from the past couple of days. What’s going on and what can a new mommy do?

Well, first off…if this is your first holiday with baby, then rest assured…there’s nothing wrong here. It’s in fact natural to feel this exhaustion, and it’s also natural to feel as if you’re not quite there in getting over it.

Why is that? Well, you never really have a moment to yourself. Yes, everyone is gone and yes the decorations are packed up. But baby is still here and in need of your attention. And there’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, it’s our joy to take care of these babies.

But…it’s also very tiring. So couple baby with the recent holiday, and well, you are one tired mommy.

So what can you do to get over your fatigue? Well, there are a few things you can do that may help…

For starters, make sure you are hydrated. There is nothing more effectively tiring than being dehydrated. You will be amazed at how dehydration can change your mood, cause fatigue, as well as cause headaches. So start there first…

We have a few more tips for you today in our most recent article.

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Time-Outs in the New Year: How We Discipline Our Kids

A recent study has found that the traditional use of the “time out,” you know, that tried and true method of disciplining a child, may in fact have adverse effects on a child’s character formation.

What’s the problem, you may be wondering? Well, it sort of boils down to this: The child ends up feeling rejected and alone. This can, in many ways, weigh heavily upon a child’s understanding of acceptance and rejection.

For many generations, this technique was oftentimes used as a means of teaching children the consequences of their actions.

Maybe one way of preserving this discipline technique, and yet removing those aspects of isolation and rejection is to have non-disciplinary times of time out. With the onset of technology and tablet computing, it’s now common that our kids are more and more consumed by such technology. So one way of giving a productive time out is to give them a technology time out.

Such a time out can be for reading a book, coloring, or playing with tactile toys. So, the next time you need to give a disciplinary time out, give them a technology time out. They will be used to it and will see it as a non-isolation, non-rejection time.

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Looking For Something to Do? How About a Museum Membership

The rookie moms are at it again with some great advice for you if you’re looking for something to do with baby in the new year. One very affordable and impactful excursion can be joining a local museum. Doing it together with other new mommies will give you somewhere to go other than the park for play dates.

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Cheers To A New Year With Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The new year is almost upon us, and everyone is getting ready to enjoy their time together. It’s a great time to spend with family, reminiscing and reflecting on all the great events in your life this past year.

I’m sure one of the great highlights of the year will be that wonderful bundle of joy you welcomed into this world. So many exciting memories you have already made together.

I bet as you reflect that you will even want to toast to all of these good times. But then you might have a moment’s pause as you consider one very important thing: if you happen to be breast-feeding your baby, you will have to be careful with consuming alcohol.

So what’s a would-be toaster to do? Well, we have a nice article for you today that gives some definite alternatives you can drink this new year’s eve that will not interfere with your desire to breast feed.

Take a look and find some new ways to enjoy this very special time and event while keeping your baby healthy and safe.

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Diaper Changing

Ok, I know that many of you out there are going to think, “C’mon…really? Changing a diaper?”

Well, I’m going to admit something…when I had to do it for the first time I didn’t have the faintest idea of what I was doing. And no, I did not want to ask anybody because I wanted to pretend I was, indeed, the perfect parent. What parent would not know how to change a diaper?

Yup, that’s right…me.

Well, I don’t want to wish any of that on any of you. So today we have a great, simple and short video on how to change a diaper.

You may think it’s intuitive, but when you have all that leg and arm in front of you looking around, kicking, and grabbing on to any thing it can get its hands on…most notably, the diaper itself — let’s just say, you’ll thank me for this video.

So watch and learn! Enjoy!

Watch: How to Change a Baby’s Diaper

Things a Bit Quiet? Dinner Conversation At the Table

Have things been getting a bit quiet around the table? I know you want to talk with your family about their days…but asking them that everyday can be a burden, on everyone.

So instead, try different conversation topics. Try asking, “What would be your dream vacation?” And then let everyone have a go at it.

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