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12 Frustrations Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a joyous miracle, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with issues. One mom-to-be who is 25-weeks along shares 12 of her frustrations at this mid-point stage including bladder and sleep issues.

What do you find yourself venting about the most during your pregnancy?

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Pregnant Keira Knightley on Her Changing Body

Actress Keira Knightley, who is pregnant with her first child, joked that her “waist has disappeared” during the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards in Los Angeles.

The mom-to-be, who wore a gown by Erdem, also noted that she wanted to keep things loose, noting the warm temperature.

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Top Nursery Colors of 2015

Parents put so much thought into the color scheme of their baby’s nursery. Should we go with “boy” blue, “girl” pink, or something that could go either way like a yellow or green.

Psychologists offer analyses of the psychological impact colors have on brains: blue soothes, red stimulates, and purple stirs creativity.

Katy of designer kid and baby bedding company Caden Lane offers up her thoughts for the top nursery color combinations of 2015. They’re all beautiful and reflect a modern aesthetic.

However you decide to set up your nursery, just keep in mind that the color and design will probably not make a huge difference to the baby itself. Sure, it’s nice to have pretty space for your precious little one, but he or she would probably get more of a kick banging on paint cans.

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Deliveries Labored By Snow

With snow and cold weather hitting much of the country, it will inevitably make things more challenging for women who are going into labor and the medical professionals who are supposed to be there to help. One mom shares her thoughts about these challenges, including women who lack access in general in undeveloped countries.

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Should the 12-week Pregnancy Announcement Protocol Be Changed?

It is a common practice to wait until you’re 12-weeks pregnant before announcing the baby news. The first trimester is often considered the most tenuous when anything could happen. And if the worst did happen and the baby was lost, no one around you would be the wiser.

This may be practical, but is it the best thing emotionally for the couple who just lost their baby?

One woman shares the story of her two miscarriages in the New York Times. The first one happened at seven weeks. She and her husband suffered through it alone. The second one happened around twelve weeks, and she couldn’t hold it in any longer. After she shared the news with family and friends, she received the outpouring of support she desperately needed.

Does this change your mind about the 12-week announcement protocol?

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Football Goes Vintage Chic in the Nursery

Are you ready for some football… in the nursery?

The Wise Baby posted this vision of a chic, vintage football-inspired look for a baby’s room. It uses classic green, cream, and dark brown colors that would look great in any home. Meanwhile, football-themed accessories like rugs and art add fun to the function.

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One Way To Teach Your Baby Good Food Habits

A pediatrician describes a way to get babies onboard early with food—engage their senses!

Use bright colors they can see, fragrant aromas to smell, texture to feel, and interesting sounds to hear in addition to tasty treats to tickle their palates.

This is one approach. How do you get your baby to like different foods?

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The 20-Week Peek

The 20-week ultrasound scan is an important milestone during your pregnancy. It is the time when the baby’s internal organs and systems are developed enough to see if there are any issues.

Your due date may be shifted and the baby’s size will be calculated using a series of measurements. The placenta and amniotic fluid will also be checked for placement and proper levels, respectively.

And perhaps the most exciting piece of news other than good health—the baby’s gender can often be revealed for the first time.

In this revealing post on the BabyCenter blog, one mom shares the lessons she learned during her 20-week scan.

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Handle Infertile Friends With Care During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is time for celebratory gatherings and advice from moms who have been there and done that, but how do you approach a friend you know has struggled with infertility? One woman who has faced such issues shares her perspective on the dos and don’ts every pregnant woman should keep in mind.

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