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The Baby Naming Process

Among all the decisions you have to make for your baby, choosing the name may be one of the hardest. It’s something that will help define your kid his or her entire life. Plus, agreeing on a name with your partner may require several rounds of brainstorming.

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When Your Mother Becomes Your Surrogate

As advances in fertility have been made, so too has surrogacy become more common for those couples who have issues conceiving. Having another person carry a baby has also become a more widely known option as celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Sarah Jessica Parker have not hidden their use of surrogates.

But what if the baby carrier is the maternal grandmother? It almost puts a Chinatown-like spin on the family tree.

This NY Times article provides an update to one woman’s essay about her mother acting as her surrogate. Four years later, the boy is healthy and happy. And though the topic of “where he came from” hasn’t been broached yet, she and her husband plan to explain their need for “a helper.” While the son isn’t unusually close to the grandmother, the experience has given mother and daughter into a tighter bond.

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A Yellow and Gray Forecast For a Lovely Baby Shower

This baby shower designed by Wu La La Event Design for expecting parents Lucy and Kevin is a delightful mix of yellow and gray polka dots with hints of baby girl pink. A similar color palate was used for their wedding and has become a lovely tradition to celebrate new occasions.

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Do You Care If It’s a Boy or a Girl?

Do you secretly have a gender preference for your baby? It’s okay, most parents do. For those who really want a son or a daughter (like this couple whose male side of the family hadn’t had a girl in 200 years!), you could try the Shettles Method which times intercourse with ovulation—to mixed results.

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Breastfeeding Doesn’t Always Work Out, and It’s Okay

Breastfeeding can be an incredibly emotional and pressure-filled issue for new moms.

Breastfeeding is a way to help her bond with her newborn physically and emotionally. She carried the child to term and now it’s her responsibility to feed the child through the early stages. Breast milk is known to be unbeatable for providing nutrients and boosting the baby’s immune system. This is also a natural way for the mom to burn an immense number of calories after giving birth.

But what happens when the baby refuses to breastfeed for one reason or another? Maybe there’s an issue with the nipple or perhaps there’s something in the milk that doesn’t work with the baby’s system.

This one mom’s story on Hellobee does a great job of taking the reader through the mindset of a parent who tries everything to breastfeed but ultimately decides to make the switch to formula.

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How Previously Skinny Moms Feel About Pregnancy Weight

Pregnancy can change a body, but when it happens to a body that has generally been slender for most of its life, it can be a real shock. Yes, it may be hard to “cry” for a skinny person, but every body type has its problems.

When you’ve always had a fast metabolism and maintained your weight really easily, you probably take your pre-pregnancy body for granted. Not that it’s a license to eat junk, but there’s less initial worry about the effect pregnancy will have, especially in terms of weight gain.

This expecting mom was one of those naturally slender women. She gained her pregnancy weight fairly quickly right off the bat, and though that has slowed a bit, she’s concerned about exceeding her doctor’s target weight gain goal by a few pounds.

Pregnancy changes everyone’s bodies differently. Just remember to eat right, exercise, and consult your doctor as needed. Otherwise, try to relax and let nature take its course.

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Stylish Space-Themed Nursery

We often see nurseries decorated in common themes like animals, sports, and pink princesses, but this space-themed concept is different and super cute. There are splashes of blue and brown with a slightly mid-century retro feel. Even if your little one doesn’t want to grow up to be an astronaut, at least he or she can shoot for the stars!

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When Your Baby Catches a Cold

Colds are common in babies, so it’s good to know how to approach them when your baby shows the coughing, sneezing, runny nose symptoms. Generally, not much can be done other than saline drops and nose suction. And even though you may want to do as much as you can to help your baby, be careful about giving him or her over-the-counter medicines. As always, consult with your doctor beforehand.

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