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Food Taboos for Pregnant Women Around the World

This piece from National Geographic is an interesting look at foods that different cultures consider to be taboo. Of course, some religions prohibit the consumption of certain foods for everyone. This includes beef for Hindus, meat for Buddhists, and pork for Muslims. And culturally, some things may not be acceptable for anyone such as horse meat in the U.S.

For pregnant women specifically, there are also more folk-related considerations. Some Nigerians advise against eating yams which are thought to cause the babies to become too big to deliver, and Tanzanians believe that eating fish can result in a late delivery. Meanwhile in Indonesia, chicken eggs are thought to make the baby “chicken” and result in delayed labor.

Chinese customs date back thousands of years, and many are still upheld today. It is thought that eating too many cold foods can lead to a miscarriage, and moist foods like shrimp and pineapples could negatively impact the baby with allergies or skin problems.

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Three Online Sites to Check Out Stylish Maternity Clothes

It’s natural to want to wearing stretchy sweatpants and t-shirts during your pregnancy—you want to feel comfortable and not constricted because of your growing size. That said, it’s always nice to try and look your best. So if that’s what you’re looking for, these three pregnancy retailers could have options for you.

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Study: Breastfed Babies Become Smarter Adults


The results of a major, long-term study on breastfeeding have been released, and they show that people who were breastfed longer as babies were shown to be smarter, better educated, and higher earners than those who had not been breastfed. In fact, those who were breastfed for 12 months had a 4-point higher IQ than those had experienced it for less than one month.

This research out of Brazil followed nearly 6,000 babies from birth to adulthood. Nearly 3,500 were interviewed when they were around 30 years old, and those results were correlated back to their breastfeeding status. One unique part of this study is that babies across socio-economic groups were studied and showed consistent results.

Researchers aren’t sure what the link is between breastfeeding and intelligence. It could be from the milk itself or because mothers who breastfeed are more likely to encourage their kids’ development in other ways.

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One Mom’s Message of Body Acceptance Has Gone Viral

In a similar way that one photographer’s photos of real post-pregnancy bodies have gone viral, so too has this reflective post of a Canadian mom who has had four kids in five years (including a set of twins!).

Joanna Venditti writes a very open and revealing piece about her body and self-image. She had struggled with her weight when she was younger, and when she was in her early 20s, her focus was on looking good and turning heads. She was able to bounce back after her first two pregnancies but then felt depressed by the condition of her body after having twins.

Since this low period, she has changed her attitude towards her body. Mostly, she decided to be kinder to it by giving herself time and having her goal be strength instead of size. As a result, she feels more confident in her skin now than she ever has before.

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