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Interior Designer Mom’s Soft, Feminine Nursery

How does an interior designer mom decorate her baby’s nursery? Well, here’s one lovely example. The walls are painted in wide soft pink strips, and the furniture and accessories reflect that muted tone. The pièce de résistance is the “hello sunshine” focal piece above the crib. So cute!

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Savoring Time with Your Newborn

This is an essay on Babble that most parents can probably relate to. It’s largely about time, and how we all get so wrapped up in the daily stresses that life happens to us rather than by us.

This mom shares her story of feeling like she went through the motions during most of her new baby’s first year. Then her husband mentioned that their son’s first birthday was two months away, and that snapped her out of her reverie. Milestones tend to do that. In one fell swoop, she began to feel regret about the way she had spent the time—feeling tired, complaining, and checking her phone.

While this mom’s feelings are completely valid, she should really give herself a break. Taking care of two young kids IS exhausting, and it’s okay to acknowledge that. The important thing is to not dwell on what you’ve missed but appreciate the lessons learned and move on from there.

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Expecting Mom Jaime King Goes Sheer at Fashion Show

This look isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a Hollywood actress attending a fashion show, why not? Expecting second time mom Jaime King showed up to the Burberry’s London fashion show in Los Angeles in a see-through green Burberry dress with black undergarments, a furry coat, and an exposed bump.

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A Pregnant Meteorologist Fights Back Against Fat Shaming

The title of this Babble article pretty much says it all, but I was shocked about the story it referenced. A Canadian meteorologist recently talked on air about the hate mail she received for being pregnant and wearing a fitted dress. One viewer said she looked “gross” while another said she should “have some respect for [her] unborn child.” The newscaster even admitted that while she is naturally confident, the vitriolic nature of the comments made her doubt herself for a moment.

On one hand, it’s hard to believe people still have such archaic beliefs about the pregnant body. Demi Moore’s iconic Vanity Fair cover broke the ice, and other expecting celebrities have publicly celebrated their baby bump form. On the other hand, people feel increasingly empowered to make harsh comments about everything and everyone, including the “overly fit” pregnant model Sarah Stage. It’s a no-win situation.

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Voted Most Popular: Sophie the Giraffe

We’ve all seen her everywhere, now we know her story. We’re talking about Sophie the Giraffe, of course, and how she’s become THE symbol for stylish teething everywhere despite having been created in France in 1961. She started being sold in the U.S. in Beverly Hills and hasn’t looked back since.

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Preserve Your Sanity by Surrendering

This contemplative essay reminds me of the post last week from the woman who got anxious about enjoying every minute with her baby. This mom talks about her feelings of being overwhelmed by her responsibilities which can be exacerbated by her kids who slow the process of getting things done.

Then she learned about the concept of surrender. It’s about re-framing potentially negative situations into acceptable ones. For example, instead of worrying about not getting enough sleep that night, she has learned to surrender to the possibility that a sleep disturbance will likely happen and be okay with it.

Part of the issue that is addressed in this technique is the common behavior, especially among parents, to stress about future potential situations before they’ve even happened. Surrendering allows people to live in the moment more and to recognize that things might happen but don’t need to be rehashed before then.

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Hurtful Letters about Your Baby

You’ve probably heard about the Australian mom who received a letter from her friends complaining about how much she talked about her baby. Whether or not the story is actually true, the writer of this Babble post talks about a somewhat similar letter she received from her best friend that ultimately led to the end of their friendship.

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