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Must-Have Photos to Take After Giving Birth

This a a sponsored post, but the information is still valid and the photos are super cute. There’s so much excitement and exhaustion that goes into having a baby that it’s nice to have a checklist of photos to get before leaving the hospital. They include the first weighing and the first sibling meeting, among others.

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A Primer on Buying Furniture for Your Nursery

This is a great FAQ-type piece on buying furniture for your nursery. Especially during such a busy time, simple guides like this make the task a whole lot easier to manage.

For the pieces that are really necessary, they suggest a crib, dresser/changing table, extra storage, and a glider. Little bookshelves, a toy chest, and a side table for the glider are also optional.

In terms of timeline, they recommend ordering furniture 8-12 weeks before you want it to arrive. As with standard furniture, there can be major delays in availability so planning ahead will ensure that your baby’s room is set up before he or she comes home. That said, if the gender is a surprise, the expecting couple can make special arrangements with the furniture store to deliver after arrival, or there’s always the option of going neutral.

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Keira Knightley Gives Birth to First Child

Congrats to Keira Knightley who just gave birth to her first child with husband, musician James Righton. Though the British actress didn’t publicly announce her pregnancy, she did show off her belly bump during certain promotional events and also talked about the future baby on Ellen.

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The Model Whose Breastfeeding Landed on a Magazine Cover

Breastfeeding is a practice that medical experts highly recommend since the baby benefits from nutrients found in the mother’s milk that can’t necessarily be produced in formula. It’s a natural process, but not necessarily an easy or glamorous task… well, at least not for most.

Model Nicole Trunfio is making headlines for being on the cover of Elle Australia looking gorgeous as she models designer clothes and breastfeeds her son Zion at the same time. And apparently, the photo was not planned at all; instead, she was at the shoot and needed to feed her son. When magazine staff saw how beautiful the two looked together, they moved them on to the set.

Triunfio is hoping the hashtag #normalizebreastfeeding takes off since the act is representative of all that women and moms do in the world. That said, Elle has gotten a bit of heat for featuring the cover on subscribers’ copies and not newsstand issues.

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Study Warns Against Any Alcohol Consumption While Pregnant

Although it is widely known that women should not drink alcohol in large doses while pregnant, there have been some conflicting reports about the possibility that it may be okay to have an occasional small glass of wine (or even up to a glass of wine a day, according to one British study…!?).

Now, a new research study on mice could suggest that drinking, even in the early stages after conception, could result in permanent damage. When female mice were given alcohol at the human equivalent of three to four weeks pregnant, their pups had symptoms similar to those of human fetal alcohol syndrome. The embryo’s gene expressions in the brain also changed. Although more research needs to be done, the lead author recommends that “it would be good to decrease the alcohol consumption as soon as one plans to have a baby.”

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Funny Thoughts from an Increasingly Pregnant Woman

At least partly in response to all the time-lapse belly bump videos and photos, one mom decided to post a series of pregnancy photos on the Huffington Post holding up humorous signs about what she was really thinking during that time. For example, during week 16, her thought is “I’m breaking out more than a PMSing 15 yr old after a chocolate binge.” Funny stuff!

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More Unusual Post-Pregnancy Body Changes

This Babble post contains some great woman-to-woman knowledge sharing about how the body changes after pregnancy that doesn’t just involve stretch marks and sagging breasts. Many of these have to do with the body’s memory of carrying a baby such as not being able to sleep on the stomach and approaching the kitchen sink from the side.

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