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BJ’s Restaurant Offers $10,000 Prize For Naming Baby “Quinoa”

This is a crazy contest. Apparently, the BJ’s Restaurant chain is offering a $10,000 gift certificate for the first parents who name their newborn child “Quinoa” and can submit proof. Apparently, it’s part of a sweepstakes to promote their new healthy menu. Only one couple can win, and the deadline is Labor Day.

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Useful Tips for Setting Up Your Baby’s Nursery

This post could definitely be helpful for expecting parents, as it comes from a mom who got professional advice about setting up the nursery for her baby before blogs offered such information.

The first set of things to include in the baby’s room are all geared toward allowing them to sleep uninterrupted. They include black out shades (even if they’re temporarily just a black trash bag taped over the window), a light dimmer so that there’s a little light for changing but not enough to wake the baby, and a wipe warmer to prevent any startling because of coldness.

Other great tips include stacking two layers of complete bedding in the crib. In case the baby has an accident, all that is needed is to remove the first layer, and voila, there’s a ready-made bed for sleep. Another great trick is to use a non-skid shelf liner to prevent the changing pad from sliding around on top of the dresser. Great ideas!

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Do Babies Need Blackout Curtains to Sleep?

A reader of Apartment Therapy submitted a question asking how best to create a nursery within the master bedroom. She was considering using blackout curtains as a divider and wanted to know how far away from the crib she should hang them. The consensus from the community was that none are needed as babies are generally good at sleeping with reasonable amounts of light and noise.

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NBA Star Stephen Curry’s Classic, Neutral Nursery

Golden State Warrior and NBA MVP Stephen Curry may be flashy on the basketball court, but the nursery for his second child is decorated in understated and classic neutral colors. The room features an array of beiges, creams, and whites with hints of metallic. Subtle animal decorations add touches of whimsy.

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Taylor Swift Joins in on Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement

As if Taylor Swift wasn’t already a mega pop star, best friend to many, and doting godmother-to-be, she recently helped a couple with their pregnancy announcement.

Local radio station host Jesse Rasmussen and his wife Lindsey recently went to Taylor’s concerts in Louisville, and, during a meet and greet with the singer, got a photo of her holding a sign that read “Baby’s 1st Concert.” They then posted the image of the three of them together—Taylor with the sign and the couple holding sonogram pics of the baby—on social media for others to see.

Though they had already privately told close friends and family the good news, Jesse got the idea for the big reveal when he realized their ultrasound was the day before the concert. As if that weren’t sweet enough for Taylor to do already, she sent them a thank you for the experience. Super sweet!

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Journals Specifically Designed for Expecting Women

Posting updates about your pregnancy on social media is fun, but it’s also important to keep a record of the special time for yourself. These seven journals are specially designed for the expecting woman in mind and includes ways to keep track of development, reflect on your own feelings, and record wishes for the baby.

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A CEO Kept Her Pregnancy A Secret To Stay Credible At Work

This post is super interesting and should be considered by all moms, especially the ones who work. It discusses an essay written by Talia Goldstein, the CEO of a matchmaking company, about the shame she felt when she first got pregnant because of the negative stigma attached. According to her, there’s the impression that an executive who is expecting can’t be as effective at fundraising or climbing the corporate ladder. Meanwhile, co-workers would talk about how they would “never invest in a company with a pregnant CEO.”

As a result, she decided to hide her pregnancy by wearing bulky coats to meetings. And apparently, it worked, and she continued to hustle with no one knowing her condition. Now, she is pregnant with her second child and has decided to be open about it.

Even though it is illegal for expecting women to be discriminated against, statistics still show that mothers are behind earnings-wise in the work force and are viewed as being less competent than their male counterparts.

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The Lachey’s Soothing Neutral Nursery

Wow, check out the sophisticated nursery Nick and Vanessa Lachey decorated for their first son Camden and repurposed for their daughter Brooklyn. A great idea that Vanessa offered in an interview is that they keep all the toys out of the room and in another part of the house so that the kids know the nursery is meant for naps and sleep only.

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