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Ryan Reynolds Admits to New Dad Mistake

Ryan Reynolds got some heat recently for carrying his baby girl James improperly in her Lillebaby carrier. Apparently, the baby was way too low and her legs are supposed to be splayed, not together. He acknowledged the mistake in an interview on the Today show and has also talked about how much he loves being with his wife and daughter.

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Couples Announce Pregnancies To “Shut Up and Dance”


Wow, couples are really raising the bar on their pregnancy announcements. It seems like it used to be a matter of having a get together to tell friends and family, then people got creative with funny or clever photos, and now expecting parents are doing remakes of popular songs. There was the Britney Spears compilation from a couple weeks ago, and now two couples (the expecting dads are brothers) have made a joint video that features the popular Walk the Moon song “Shut Up and Dance.”

The video is really fun. For the chorus, John and his wife sing “No we can’t go back / We’ve already got three / We don’t know how to act / ‘Cause we’re adding one more baby.” In fact, this points to one of their main motivations for doing such an elaborate announcement. Apparently, other people haven’t been as excited to hear about their third and fourth pregnancy.

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The Best Ways to Treat Morning Sickness

This is a helpful piece to read because it talks about nausea—something that most pregnant women expect to happen but may not know much about. According to this doctor, nausea and vomiting are, indeed, common, especially in the early stages of pregnancy because of the fluctuating hormones in the body. They’re tough to get through but can be made better by eating a high carb, low fat diet.

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How to Treat Your Baby’s Diaper Rash

Diaper rash, which usually appears as small red bumps, is extremely common among babies. It can happen because the bottom is too moist and gets irritated by the diaper, there could be an allergic reaction, or it could be a sign of an infection or change in diets. Not to worry–the rash can usually be helped by changing the baby often and keeping the bottom dry.

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What to Eat During Each Week of Pregnancy

This NPR post is written by a woman who is 27-weeks pregnant and is having trouble maintaining a proper diet. Part of that is eating for two, but it’s also not having full control of the appetite because of hormones, nausea, and exhaustion.

This is where Columbia University neuroscientist Nicole Avena comes in. She wrote a book called What To Eat When You’re Pregnant that gives expecting women a week-to-week outline of what they should be eating and why.

One of the many handy features is that for certain weeks, common symptoms are discussed as well as the foods that can help relieve them. For example, for nausea, she recommends raspberry smoothies instead of plain toast. She also emphasizes that women should maintain healthy diets and generally don’t need to indulge as much as they do.

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An Easy Way to Add Pizzazz to Your Nursery’s Walls

This is a fun idea from Apartment Therapy. One way to add style or pizzazz to your baby’s nursery is to use temporary wallpaper. They’re mostly self-adhesive, easy to install and remove, and should not leave residue on the wall. Practical attributes aside, they are available in a ton of fun colors and patterns so they’re great to experiment with as well.

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Baby Experts Suggest Tips on Getting Baby to Sleep

Getting the baby to sleep is one of the key priorities for most parents, as it’s valuable time for the little one to develop further and also give mom and dad a break. According to advice from different sleep experts, the ideal bedtime is between 7pm and 8pm, and consistency in the routine is key. Co-sleeping and using white noise machines are also suggested.

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A Mom Discovers Her Own ‘Fit Pregnancy’ Program

A mom of five (and expecting her sixth) from Australia developed her own “fit pregnancy rules” during her last pregnancy which she credits with her complete lack of morning sickness, postpartum depression, and 15-minute labor. Her program involved exercising, staying active, and eating healthy foods when she felt hungry.

These habits may be common sense, but in her first four pregnancies she had stopped exercising—even though she is a personal trainer by profession—because she was afraid she would hurt the baby or herself. She also ate unhealthy foods. As a result, she not only ended up gaining about 66 pounds for each child, but she also experienced morning sickness and depression.

In addition to physical and mental health, she points to the difference in labor times as a telling indicator that her program works. During the fit pregnancy, the baby arrived in just 15 minutes versus 27 hours for the first child.

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Tamera Mowry-Houseley Gives Birth to a Baby Girl!

Congratulations to actress and talk show co-host Tamera Mowry-Housely for giving birth to her second child with husband Adam Housely. Their brand new daughter Ariah Talea joins big brother Aden John Tanner who is 2 ½ years old. Tamera mentions a funny story in the People article about how her twin sister Tia knew she was pregnant even before she told anyone.

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