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Viola Davis’ Daughter Made Her Emmy-Winning Mom a Special Congratulatory Video


Newly-minted Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Viola Davis found an adorable surprise waiting for her when she returned home from the big awards show. The How to Get Away with Murder star learn that while she was giving her acceptance speech, her four-year-old daughter Genesis had taken her phone and filmed a an adorable Instagram video.

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Separating Ferber Method Fact and Fiction


One of the most challenging aspects of becoming a new parent is dealing with how to get your baby to fall asleep. There are seemingly million of books out there that explain why one method of sleep training is superior to the other. The reality is, every child is different and what works for one parent won’t necessarily work for another. Any parent will tell you no matter how well received one method is the training is, there is no real average time in which it takes a child to fall asleep. With al ofl that mind, this post on the Alpha Mom blog about how parents that are struggling with getting their kids to go to sleep at night is worth reading.

Writer Amy Corbett Storch doesn’t try to dictate that all parents use one particular method of sleep training, she just explains what worked for her three children, which is the Ferber method. Developed by pediatric sleep researcher Dr. Richard Ferber, the Ferberization process outlines a set of techniques that parents can use to get their kids off to sleep at a consistent time. Right off the bat, Storch busts a persistent myth about Ferberization, specifically that it calls for letting a child simply cry themselves to sleep. In actuality, the Ferber method is a gradual process of teaching a baby to go to sleep at a consistent time without the use of sleep crutches or parental intervention. Read the entire eye-opening piece to learn more about the Ferber method of sleep training.

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Be Careful Who You Let Kiss Your Baby


After an unnerving health scare, one British mother went on Facebook to tell parents everywhere they should be sure not to let anyone kiss their babies on the mouth. The reason why? Around 70 million people in America carry the herpes simplex virus and the disease can be fatal for babies that are three-montsh-old or younger.

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Tips on How to Make Dinnertime Less Stressful


With a new baby in your life, formerly simple tasks like preparing dinner can become surprisingly challenging. Thankfully, The Simple Life blog offers a number of helpful tips on how to simplify your dinner preparation. On example is setting out daily meal plans, that will help take some of the stress out of dinnertime.

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How to Get Your Baby Interested In Music


Sharing music with our kids isn’t just a lot of fun, it’s also very helpful developmentally. Music encourages children to move, which in turn helps them explore and refine their motor skills. Music also stimulates the part of the brain responsible for memory and cognition, so exposing your kids to music early can have a big effect on their ability to learn later in life. The Baby Center blog has a number of useful tips on how to get your little one interested in music.

Seeing as the digital revolution has given us access to all kinds of music played all over the world with the few keystrokes, you are not limited to just playing “The Wheels on the Bus.” You can play your bundle of joy a slew of different songs from all kinds of musical genres and see what they respond to. If they don’t take an immediate liking to Beethoven, see how they feel about a little Brazilian samba or Chinese folk music. It’s probably a good idea to stay away from harsher kinds of music and tell the little ones are a bit older, but that still leaves you with a wide and wonderful array of choices. Check out this article to learn more fun ways you can get your kids interested in music.

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The Many Benefits of Facial Massage


Want to keep your face looking smooth and radiant without buying expensive creams or going under the knife? Give facial massage a try. This Shape magazine article explains how face massages can make your skin look younger and healthier improving blood circulation and combating the volume that leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy


If you’ve ever read a profile of a star athlete or a titan of industry, chances are that person talked about the importance of positive thinking. The idea being, by maintaining a positive outlook on life, you’ll be able to handle stressful situationsbetter. For example, if you get cut off in traffic, you may feel the urge to pound on your horn and curse at the offending driver. However, if you focused on the positive rather than the negative, you would realize that not getting into a serious car accident is actually a good thing. While the power of positive thinking has been the cornerstone of social psychology for decades now, a new study suggests that being positive can actually reduce your overall stress level.

The study, which was published in the Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience journal, found a link between the size of a person’s orbitofrontal cortex and their ability to handle stress. The researchers found that people with shrunken orbitofrontal cortexes had a significantly higher risk factor of contracting an anxiety disorder than those with normal-sized OFCs. And, people who tended to have more optimistic outlooks on life had healthier OFCs and were less susceptible to the symptoms of stress. As such, the next time you feel anxious about something, try to look at the bright side of life.

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Leighton Meester and Adam Brody Are Now Parents!


Former Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester and ex-The O.C. actor Adam Brody welcomed their little girl Arlo Day Brody into the world a just after midnight on August 4. The two teen melodrama icons met on the set of 2011 romantic comedy The Oranges and married in February 2014. Congratulations to the lucky couple!

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Everything You’ll Need for on the Go Nursing


Expectant mothers who are quite sure what they’ll need when nursing when on the go should check out this handy guide on the Hellobee blog. In addition to obvious items like bottles and pumps, the list offers a number of atypical, but undeniably useful items like a tablet for catch up on your reading while nursing and a water bottle to keep yourself from getting dehydrated.

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