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Transform Your Halls with These Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are all the rage when it comes to converting blank wall space into beautiful art. The best part of gallery walls is that you can hang an array of things that reflect your personal interests and colorful photos. Gallery walls can work well in living rooms and even bedrooms too! If you are looking for creative ways to decorate your space, read this article today to learn how to craft a wonderful gallery wall!


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When Should You Stop Working While Pregnant?

When it comes to being a working woman, pregnancy can throw a delightful monkey wrench into your plans. Pregnancy is typically a very manageable state of being for the first 6 months, but working in your last trimester can prove to be more difficult! If you have a growing baby inside of you, you may be more tired or unable to be as active at work with the extra weight. If you are an expectant mother, read this article today to learn about working in your third trimester and if it’s right for you!


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How to Upcycle Those Old Wine Bottles

There’s nothing as delicious as a perfectly times, perfectly chilled glass of wine. Many of us have realized that wine is a delicious way to accompany a home cooked meal or celebrate a reunion between friends. If you pop corks on wine bottles frequently, you may have happened upon a humble collection of wine bottles populating your place. The bad news is that anyone entering your home may think that you are an alcoholic, so it’s high time that you figure out something to do with all those bottles. The good news is that there are tons of ways that you can upcycle old wine bottles into fun décor projects in your home. You can even regift this idea to upcycle old wine bottles by turning them into an etched oil and vinegar bottles. Follow this DIY project to learn how to etch the bottles, fill them with oil and vinegar and infuse them with fun spices and herbs like rosemary and garlic cubes! If you are looking for a fun DIY that you can use to make great gifts, read this article today!


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How to Be Pregnant Fashionista at Every Trimester!

Congratulations! You just discovered that you are pregnant and that your body will transform into a beautiful and blessed vessel for life! One of the things that you may discover at this stage, is that you will find dressing yourself to be somewhat of a challenge. But fear not, there are ways in which your fashion can be determined and inspired by your body’s natural shape and stage of development. When you are in your first trimester, you may find that you do not need any maternity clothes at all, if your bump is barely there. By your second trimester, you may feel like you can mix and match certain pre-pregnancy clothes to ensure that your changing shape is flattered. By your third trimester, however, you may need a lot of new pieces to accommodate the healthy baby growing inside of you! If you are an expectant mother and are worried about how you will look fabulous with a changing body, read this article today to learn the best ways to dress for each trimester!


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Halloween Paper Lanterns!

So, you are excited to hand out candy to dozens of kids that you have never seen before, but you may be a little worried about the havoc their little feet, claws, or paws will wreck on your garden? Lighting your yard with paper lanterns will help to direct the crowds in a cute way that will protect your lawn. If you are looking to create a cute DIY for Halloween, read this article today to learn how to make adorable Halloween DIY paper lanterns.


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Great Baby Products Coming in 2016!

When it comes to getting gadgets for your baby, we all know that you would be able to do an incredible job being a mommy with very little help. That’s what our ancestors did, after all. However, there are a myriad of new baby and kid toys, tools, and gadgets that are designed to help you have an easier time as a parent! If you are an expectant mother, read this article today to learn about the great baby and kid products designed to make your life interesting in 2016.


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Easy Kitchen Backsplash Ideas!

Decorating your kitchen does not have to be an inexpensive ordeal that drains you creatively. When it comes to making a creative backsplash for the area behind your sink, stove, or wet bar, there are ways in which you can decorate the area inexpensively. If you are looking to redecorate your kitchen, read this article today to learn tips on how you can use found or upcycled items to make your place look great!


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What to Pack in Your Push Pack!

Pregnancy is a wonderfully creative time in a woman’s life, but it all leads up to one big day: the delivery! While you may have been planning what you will bring to the hospital, actually having your push-pack together is a great idea so you aren’t surprised when your bundle of joy comes into the world! If you are an expectant mother, read this article today to learn how to prepare the best push-pack for yourself on delivery day!


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Spooky Halloween Specimen Jars!

We’re getting close to the big day and you have a reputation to uphold. You are the type of parent that loves decorating your space and making sure that your home is as festive as whatever holiday is in season. You make sure your home is decorated with flags and pinwheels for Fourth of July, and your flowers are surrounded with baskets of colorful eggs for Easter. You have the best lighting designs for Christmas and now Halloween is no exception to the rule. You’ve hung up the fake spider web and have populated your home with fake rats, spiders, cauldrons, and skulls. You’ve finished preparing all of the different things that you will serve at your haunted Halloween party and now it’s time to add the final touches. One way in which you can decorate your shelves and countertops is with these spooky DIY specimen jars! Make them with your kids and scare your guests! If you are looking to thoroughly decorate for Halloween, read this article today to learn a quick and fun DIY decorative piece!


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How to Handle Postpartum Depression

Your body goes through so many changes when you are preparing to have a baby. In both macro and micro ways, your body works tirelessly to ensure that you are creating a space that will encourage the positive growth and development of your baby. You stop having periods as that womb is now reserving those resources to create a safe space for your developing baby. Your breasts get swollen and may become sore as they fill with nutrient-laden milk for your newborn. You may get cravings that upset your digestive system and your feet and back can become sore from the added weight. On a molecular level, there are countless shifts that happen in your natural chemistry and mood as your identity as a mother switches into gear. One of the after-effects, however, can be postpartum depression as your body adjusts to being a mother and to the changes that occurred during pregnancy. If you are preparing to become a mother and want to know how to battle postpartum depression, read this article today!


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