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What Your Baby Knows!

Have you ever stared into your beautiful baby’s eyes and wondered what they’re thinking about? Babies are fascinating because they have so much to learn and discover about the world, but they also seem to have such a natural awareness of life at the same time. Due to scientific and psychiatric studies, we can find out more about what goes one in your baby’s mind! If you are an expectant mother, read this article today to learn more about what your baby know!


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In Need Of a Few Baby Shower Ideas?

If you’re in need of a few baby shower ideas, especially if the mother is a second time or third time mom who has seen it all, then you may want to take a look at today’s post for some helpful suggestions.

The moms at Rookie Moms are at it again with their helpful suggestions. So check it out and get to prepping.

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Learning Patterns of Babies

What’s the best time for a baby to learn something? Is it after the morning bottle? Perhaps it’s after they wake up from a well deserved nap.

Well, to help answer this question a recent study was done that looked at the cognitive patterns of babies and their sleep patterns. Take a look at the articles interesting findings to see when a baby learns best.

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If Your Baby Is Choking…Today’s Video Can Save Lives

This is perhaps one of the most important videos you will ever watch. It is simple in that it’s under a minute, important because of how thoroughly and simply it covers such an important topic.

A choking baby can be an all too common occurrence. What will you do if it’s your baby that’s choking? Well, this video gives you a lot of guidance and good advice. It is instructional.

We may think the answer is simple, but if we are not prepared for it we may panic if the moment arises.

So don’t let something like that happen to you. Take a look at this video and be prepared.


Watch: St John Ambulance The Chokeables advert: save a choking baby

Smash Cakes

If your baby is about to have his or her first birthday, then a party is certainly in order. As you are considering your theme and all the fun that’s to be had at it, also consider ordering along with the cake a “smash cake.”

What’s a smash cake, you ask? It’s a small, personalized cake just for your guest of honor. They can grab it, smash it, throw it, eat it…do what they want with it.

Today we have a cute post for some great ideas of different types of smash cakes. Check it out.

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Surprise, Surprise: Stories of Women Who Didn’t Know They Were Pregnant

Yes, TLC has devoted an entire show to women who never knew they were pregnant. Is it possible? Perhaps. But please, never ignore those signs of pregnancy. You know the ones: the lower back pain, the heart burn, that constant urge to pee.

Please remember to take care of your body.

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If You’re Wondering What You Need to Prepare For Your Newborn…

Well, we have just the thing for you today.

Here’s a great video with some solid advice on what you need to prepare for you new little one. This video covers the practical things you need at: the hospital, the ride home, and the new nursery.

Take a look today and go down the checklist of what you need to get in order for your upcoming bundle of joy.

Have fun…and don’t worry, this video will surely help you.

Watch: How to prepare for a baby: Newborn Baby Essentials

Want to become a better parent? 8 simple steps

Here’s a great article for you on 8 steps to becoming a better parent. Parenting is hard. That’s no secret. But you can definitely make it easier by listening to the advice of some who have gone before you. Take a look and start enjoying the new parenting you in 2015.

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