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Beauty Products to Pass on While Pregnant

Whether you anticipated getting pregnant or not, you may have had a mixed bag of emotions when it came to all of the adjustments your life makes in order to create a safe environment for you and your child. You had to give up alcohol and even certain types of food to ensure that your baby has the best nutrients. You also had to adjust your fashion as the months went on, in order to ensure that you could wear clothes that both fit and are comfortable to wear. You also probably had to rearrange your sleeping habits so that you can get rest and not be disturbed by your baby’s schedule as well. But did you know that as much as it matters what you put in your body, it also matters what you apply on your body while pregnant? Not all makeup products or treatments are recommended for pregnant women and it is important to know what’s on the list. If you are an expectant mother, read this article today to learn about which beauty products you should stop using!


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How to Know If You Are Suffering from Postpartum

There are so many joys associated with having a baby, and you have lived through every phase on your journey to motherhood. When you found out that you were pregnant, you may have immediately jumped up for joy before you shared the great news with your partner! As your belly continued to grow, you handled the anticipation and discomfort with grace and dreamed of the day you could play with your baby! As you hosted a baby shower, you were able to meet with supportive family and friends and felt the love of your entire community! During the delivery process you were optimistic through the complications and in awe of when you held your tiny child. But now, you may feel a wave of unexpected emotions that you need help dealing with! It is normal and postpartum depression affects more women than you think. If you thing you are suffering from post-partum depression, read this article today!


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The Beauty of Breastfeeding!

When you think about breastfeeding, what image comes to mind? You may picture a happy and hungry baby a tad red faced and crying for milk, then becoming sweetly pacified as his mother picks him up. Then he patiently waits for her breast and happily drinks to satisfaction as he is fed with his mother’s milk. Breastfeeding is a great time for mothers to bond with their babies as they pass on key nutrients. Breastmilk also carries many nutrients that are important to infants. But did you know that in some circles, the beauty of breastfeeding is being curtailed because some people don’t understand its importance! In some thoughts, it is seen as a part of motherhood that should be hidden away. However, many women are reclaiming the right to feed their babies in public because it is a natural and beautiful part of motherhood that shouldn’t be made into something less than that. If you are an expectant mother, read this article to learn why the joy of nursing is beautiful and should be defended!


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Nursery Fun for Your Little Girl

As an expectant mother of a girl, you may have many emotions and excitement about raising a woman. Women go through so many stages in their lives and you will be on the front row to witness all of them. From the time you first but barrettes in your daughter’s hair, to the first time they kick a ball in little league soccer! You will be there when they start to transform during puberty and when she has her first high school crush! Soon you will be transitioning her to the college of her dreams and cheering her on as she explores her passions! But, before all of that happens, she gets to be your baby girl! This precious stage of her adventurous life is the best part because she’s in your arm and loves being with you all the time! Take advantage of this closeness and celebrate her time as a small baby with the perfect nursery! If you are an expectant mother, read this article today to learn the best way to dress up their nursery so it can become the perfect place for you and her to make memories!


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At Home Mommy Spa Day!

There are many reasons why you deserve a break. Think about that one time that you put your kids down for a nap and went for a quick shower. You returned to the nursery only to find that one of your young children somehow got their hands on the baby powder and now the room looks like a winter wonderland! Or what about that time where your baby had a sour stomach and spewed out their entire dinner all over the kitchen floor? Let’s face it, being a mom is a tough gig, but also one of the most rewarding identities a woman can have. But from time to time you may need a break to help you stay sane! But, if you are afraid of leaving your kids at home for a long time for a spa day, then you can look for opportunities to soothe yourself at home! If you are an expectant mother or a new mom, read this article to learn how you can soothe yourself with an at-home spa treatment for your feet!


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How to Avoid Catching Cold Season

bella-blu-34As soon as there is a chill in the air, you must feel a bit anxious about your family’s health. You know how this pattern goes, you drop off your older child at kindergarten while your partner goes to work. You stay at home with the baby and make sure to clean and sanitize everything in case anyone comes back. But then your child comes back from school with a dreaded sniffle. You already know that it will now be a slippery slope until every person in your home starts coughing and feeling the effects of the cold season! You want to avoid this taking your family out for a week and having to soothe your baby, who will definitely be susceptible. If you are an expectant mother and don’t want to deal with the ramifications of cold season and your family, read this article to learn the best way to bypass all of cold season with a healthy family!


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Why New Moms Get Burned Out, and Why That’s Okay

If someone asked you to describe the average day in the life of a mother, you may find that your story resembles that from others. Despite your level of fatigue, you wake up and start preparing food or bottles for your children, right in time for them to wake up already needing your presence. After helping them to brush their teeth and get dressed, you are in charge of making sure they are entertained and learning throughout the day. Oftentimes, moms still have to manage affairs at work and are also expected to be supportive of their partner’s careers. You are also the emergency nurse if your children get bumps and bruises, or accidentally touch that hot pan that you warned them about. You have to manage their behavior when you all are out in public and you are starting to feel burned out with all of this responsibility! If you are an expectant mother and afraid or experiencing some burn-out, read this article today to learn how to deal with it and come out peaceful and with renewed energy!


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What You Should Avoid During Pregnancy!

Congratulations! You have taken test after test, noticed the changes in your body, and have visited the doctor to confirm. You are officially pregnant! This news may come as a total surprise or may come as a long-awaited answer to prayer. You have alerted your partner and they are equally excited to expand your family and support you! Becoming a mother involves many internal changes to create an environment for your baby, and it can be scary to know what to avoid and what is okay for your body. This helpful list of items includes further information behind each one to fully show whether or not it is actually harmful for you and your baby. By having this knowledge, you will be able to move forward with the knowledge of how to best take care of yourself. If you are expecting, read this article today to learn which items or activities are best for you and your baby to avoid!


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Hide These Items from Your Baby Today!


When your baby is growing into a toddler, there are many exciting processes that happen simultaneously. Although you can remember their birth like it was yesterday, your baby is beginning to transform before your eyes. What was once a bouncy bundle in your arms that fit right on your lap is now starting to transform into a child and the toddler step is what nestles in between those large stages of development. One of the most amazing parts of watching your baby grow up is that you get to see how the slowly start to become more independent. When your child is mobile and able to walk from one place to another, that can open up a whole can of worms in terms of the types of trouble they can get into. At that stage, it is increasingly important to make sure your home is a safe place for them to explore. If you are an expectant mother, read this article to learn about which items to remove from the reach of your toddler in your child-proof home!


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Can You Drink While Pregnant?

You are a woman in the crest of adulthood, and you have accomplished many impressive things at this point in your life. You have likely completed high school and college and began a career where you get to make a significant contribution to your field of interest. You have taken classes in things that interest you, moved into an apartment that reflects your interests, and have hopefully had the opportunity to travel. With so many notches on your belt of life, you may be wondering what the next step to tackle is. Then, you and your partner get the wonderful news that the next step may be producing life, how exciting! But how much of your life do you have to really give up for the best medical outcome for your children? Many educated women in their 30’s are rejecting the notion that drinking while pregnant is harmful as they analyze more information discouraging the theory. If you are a pregnant, read this article to learn why many women are changing their minds on drinking while pregnant.


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