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“Tap”-tile learning: Tactile Play with Your Newborn

If you like tactile learning time with your newborn, you’ll love this recommendation from the Rookie Moms today. Take that tactile learning and make it tap! By taping coins and other metallic objects to the soles of baby’s shoes, you can improvise tap shoes that will give your baby a lot of fun times to play with.

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Designing the Perfect Nursery

If you find yourself in the fun position of designing your nursery, then you will definitely want to take a look at today’s article.

It gives you 7 tips for designing the perfect nursery space. Take for instance this one tip: asses the space. A very important concept before you even begin.

Take a look at the other tips today.

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Nursery Photo Friday

Here’s a great photo of a nursery to get your own nursery design juices flowing. Take a look at the colors, patterns and overall furnishings in this one shot to get an idea of what might work for your own nursery. At the end of the day, be inspired.

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DIY Seasonal Treats

Looking for a little DIY to pass the time this holiday season? Perhaps you need another stocking stuffer, or just a treat to keep handy around the house to remind the kids of this time of year. Well, we have for you a wonderful recipe for seasonal, hard-candy pops. Take a look at this…they are sure to tantalize the eye and please the tummy.

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Add Some Bling to that Room

One of the wonderful things about maternity is being able to get that nursery ready. At first, we may feel like it’s a daunting task. But as we get started and start exploring all the options open before us, it becomes quite enjoyable for us.

Perhaps you have been scouring the internet and baby magazines for various ideas on what to do with your nursery. Well, today we have a wonderful resource for you in this blog post. It not only gives some great ideas for your room, but it’s accompanied by many, many pictures.

Pictures are always the best…they tend to spark the imaginations and give way to variations throughout the course of planning. You can look at something and take a bit from here and there, and then make it your own.

And that’s the best thing with the nursery, isn’t it? Making that room a bit of yourself that you give to your sweet little baby. So take a look at these ideas, let those creative juices flow, and get started today!

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Fish ‘n Chips

Today we have a great recipe for you…especially if you love fish sticks. One reason I love recipes so much is because they are great to bring the family together. Cooking together in the kitchen is a wonderful way to spend time together as a family and to build memories.

So take a look at today’s recipe and have everyone roll up those sleeves to get their hands dirty.

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Design Inspiration for the Older One In Your Midst

With all the excitement of a new baby coming into the home, sometimes older siblings (pre-teens and even teens) may feel a bit left out or even forgotten.

One way that you can show your care and concern for them is to work on a new bedroom theme for them. Why? Well, with all the hustle and bustle over a nursery in the house, you can show that you care for their living space as well.

With that in mind, we have possible source of inspiration for you and your older child. Take a look at this inspiration board together and use it to get those creative juices flowing between the two of you.

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