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If You Have a Preemie Coming Home…

If you have a preemie coming hime, then you will certainly want to take a look at today’s article. it will help you go through your home and prepare it for your little baby when you return home with baby.

Take a look at the full article today and learn how to get your home ready.

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“No!” Dealing with that dreaded word

It can be the single most dreaded word for any parent to hear. It is a word that speaks of individuality, personality and soul in a person.

What is it?


When we hear that from our toddlers for the first time, we may be at first shocked. I mean, it’s a shocking thing. You are used to being in control. You are used to being listened to. But now, with the utterance of that one word, someone, your someone…is saying that they are their own individual.

Well, when toddlers say it we may be thinking, “hmmm, it’s a bit young for them to be saying no.”

How do you address that situation?

There’s certainly the old school way of doing it, the way many of us were raised…with a strong hand and a “how dare you talk back to me” sort of response. However, is this the only way? Well, not necessarily. A lot of times when a child says no they are not thinking past the bit of experience they have…they see what they are doing, enjoy it and want to continue. They may not be thinking of the consequences or the time lost or other issues.

So instead of a strong response or command, perhaps a gentle reminder of why you are telling your child to do something specific is more warranted.

Take a look at today’s article for more advice on this.


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Let’s Go Shopping!

Here’s a nifty little article on building a home shopping center for your toddler to play with. Of course you don’t have to go out and buy one. Part of the fun is to have your own little DIY project with that young shopper of yours.

This could make for hours of fun together.

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First Birthday Jitters!

Has it already been a year? Where does the time go? Before you realized it, your baby’s first birthday seems to have snuck up on you.

So, as any good parent out there, you must be getting ready for that first birthday extravaganza party! Now, I’m not too sure who this party is actually for…because I know for a fact that baby won’t even remember it! hahaha. But, yes…we want the memories and to have a good time.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. So…what can you do to have a memorable first birthday party?

Well, lots of things. Really, you can’t go wrong as long as you…

Take a lot of pictures and video. Yup. That’s the most important thing. Make sure you have memories to build and pass on later on in life.

Video these days is so simple with our phones, and pictures are a whole lot of fun when we take them with our guests. So get some theme costumes together, have a great time, and build a memory book to pass on and hopefully even use to embarrass your little baby when he or she is all grown up!

For some great ideas on first birthdays, take a look at today’s article.

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Things a Bit Quiet? Dinner Conversation At the Table

Have things been getting a bit quiet around the table? I know you want to talk with your family about their days…but asking them that everyday can be a burden, on everyone.

So instead, try different conversation topics. Try asking, “What would be your dream vacation?” And then let everyone have a go at it.

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Baby’s First Holiday Photo

All the more reason to take pictures of your baby this year in full holiday gear…take a look at these hilarious pictures.

Just think of the memories you will have when you look back…and think of the awesome looks of horror on your (sooner-than-it-should-ever-happen) teenager when you pull these out in front of friends.

So have a good laugh while you go and grab your camera.

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One Question That Will Make You a Better Mom

What if I were to tell you that I know one question…one question that, if you ask yourself of it everyday, you will become a better parent?

I bet you would immediately want to know that question.

But let me warn you of something I learned when I found out about this question…it is a very difficult question to ask yourself daily.

Want to hazard a guess as to what that question is?

Maybe you’re thinking something along these lines: “What did I do today to provide for my child?”

Or maybe: “Was I a good mommy to my baby today?”

Or here’s another: “Did I do a good job today at home?”

These are tough questions…but the one I want you to ask, the one I learned about from today’s article, is much more difficult.

Want to know what it is? I bet you do…

Here it is…

How did I connect with my baby today?

That one question, asked of yourself daily, will change your entire outlook on this thing we call parenting.

Connecting…that’s what it’s all about. So, have you connected with your baby today? How? In what way and manner?

A difficult, yet very necessary question for you to ask. Are you ready to start asking the hard things?

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