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“Ailments” Only Moms Can Get

Yeah, we’ve all heard it before…parenting is hard. But being a mommy…that’s even harder.

Why? Because of so many of the mom-specific ailments we have to deal with.

What am I talking about? C’mon…you know, even if you never knew the name. Try this one on for size: momnesia! This is a real, mommy condition. Yes, I hesitate in saying “medical condition,” because…well, it’s just not in the medical books yet. But that’s a very strong emphasis on the word “yet.”

So what we have for you today are a number of ailments only moms are aware of…for example, Carb-itis. What is this? It’s the problem of packing in those extra carbs from cleaning off all the mac n cheese leftover on a daily basis. And you know that’s a lot of mac n cheese.

I bet if you go through this list you’ll be able to find a number of ailments you have found creeping into your life as you have progressed from pregnancy to having that little bundle of raging joy running around the house.

So take a look at this list today and have a good chuckle.

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Double Take!

This hilarious video shows a toddler seeing twins for the very first time. He doesn’t know where to look! So funny! Enjoy:

Watch: Adorably confused baby meets twins


Parents know this one already…but if you are an expecting parent, then you have a rude AWAKENING coming…and I mean that quite literally.

I’m sure by now you have gone over all of the sleeping philosophies for babies; you have probably already even chosen the one you are going to follow.

And to that, all of us parents say…”Heh Heh Heh”

We know what’s coming. To give you a hint, we offer today’s article. I don’t want to hint to it (though, I actually already did). I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Just hit the link and enjoy.

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Time to roll like a ninja!

Here’s a hilarious video…and instructional video, if you will, that teaches “newbie” parents how to escape the clutches of their slumbering babes!

This is so funny…and so utterly spot on that it’s scary. Trust me, you will  try many of these (if you have not already) in your never-ending quest to get those cute little babes to sleep so you can go on with some of your other duties.

Try rolling like a ninja, the teddy bear swap, or even the hug and roll…all of them come in handy from time to time.

Enjoy…”Escaping a Sleeping Baby”


A Little Hard Truth

Hard truths come in today’s article. There are so many things we do in life now with our kids that we never did when we were growing up. For example, and this is an easy one to pick on…

When I was growing up I never received a trophy for “participation.” But it seems these days that every organized sport is looking for any opportunity to hand out a trophy to kids. What does this do at the end of the day? Well, in my opinion it robs the kids who earned the trophy in the first place. It robs them of respect and appreciation for all their hard work and accomplishment.

Here’s another one, since I’m on the topic: giving kids awards in school for coming. Just for showing up. That doesn’t make sense. They are suppose to go to school. And now we are rewarding them for doing something that they are supposed to be doing in the first place? What kind of lesson does this teach our kids? What does it teach them about earning and being proud of their achievements?

Yeah…I’m with you on this one. Sometimes, even our kids need a dose of reality, but only to make sure they are learning to work hard and to strive for more. Let’s not short change them, but do our best to provide a great avenue of teaching them life. Not too much life, since they are young…but life nonetheless.

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Parenthood Perks!

Parenthood definitely has its unexpected perks. There are so many things that just come along with the territory that were quite unexpected.

For example, the other day I was at the store and I accidentally kicked my stroller, which sent my baby into a bit of a crying fit. Didn’t bother me at all. It happens, of course, right?

But all of a sudden I noticed that the gentleman in front of me in the cashier line was beckoning me forward and saying I could go ahead…because of the baby, of course! Well, little old me didn’t want to take him up on the offer, but he was insistent. Wow…I know, it’s a little thing…

but hey! Anytime I get to cut in line at the grocery store and get out quicker…well, you can mark that in the “win” category for me!

Well, today we have a great article of other little perks that come via pregnancy and parenthood. They cover the range of things in life, and it really is quite a read.

I wonder if we could add even more to this list that is compiled here. Things from our own adventures in parenthood that would remind us why have a child is just so completely and utterly awesome!

Read on for more laughs and giggles.

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Toys of yesteryear…

Every now and then I like to go on ebay and look at the popular auctions going on at the moment. The other day I came across various postings of toys…dolls, e-z bake ovens, and the like. I remember thinking…if only I knew these would be collectors items some day. I had all of them (well, ok…not all. But it seems that way when you at least look at the collectibles), and I could have made a fortune if I spent time looking at them in a box rather than playing with them!

Today I came across this great article looking at toys of yesteryear. Take a trip down memory lane and see what you used to play with, and think about what your newborns will soon be playing with…

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Today I snorted

A great article today that made me laugh, smile and snort all at the same time (yes, I snorted..).

Every mom has them…something that just makes her gleeful in such a strange way. Perhaps it’s using the bulb syringe on baby’s nose and listening to that satisfying sucking sound that comes with it. Or better yet, squeezing the syringe into a napkin and shooting that yucky content out. I know when I do it I mumble under my breath, “Aha! Got ya!”

Well, today we have 7 funny confessions of moms. I am positive you can relate, and even contribute your own. Take a look and have your own laugh, smile and snort (yes, snort. You know you do)

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