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Swaddle Scarves: The Best Accessory For Your Newborn!

How much do you know about swaddling? Many hospitals will swaddle a new-born baby, which means that they will wrap the baby in a bundle to simulate the restraint it felt in the womb and ease its transition into the world. Now, luxury brands are designing swaddling clothes so that you can preserve that experience at home! If you are an expectant mother who plans to swaddle your newborn, read this article today!


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Why BPA is Harmful for Your Pregnancy!

When your body becomes pregnant, there are many wondrous considerations that will have an impact on your life! Think about it: you are creating a whole new human being in your body, so it’s natural that there will be some changes and precautions in your life! You likely will have stopped drinking and will be cautious about the activities that you partake in, knowing that you now represent two lives, instead of just one. This responsibility often comes with the added vigilance of looking for any potentially harmful substances that can endanger your ability to transfer healthy nutrients to your future baby! One of the recent harmful discoveries for pregnancy comes in the form of BPA, which is a chemical that is often found in processed. If you are an expectant mother, or are planning to become pregnant, read this article to learn why BPA is a chemical that you should plan to avoid while pregnant!


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Add Co-Parenting To Your List Of Prenatal Classes

There are so many things to do during pregnancy, but it may be worthwhile to add prenatal co-parenting classes to your list.

A recent Penn State study showed that these classes can improve the lives of the couples as well as their kids who were considered “better adjusted” than others.

Teamwork between parents when raising a child is vital. It fosters a feeling of confidence and support during often stressful times.

At the same time, kids pick up on the emotions in the household. They respond more positively when parents present a calm, united front. They also learn by example to have a more relaxed attitude when confronted by frenzied situations.

Even if everything seems good at home, it never hurts to educate yourself and your partner with tools that may come in handy after the baby arrives.

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How To Rock Non-Maternity Clothes During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy clothes have definitely gotten more stylish over the years, but it’s hard not to want to cling to non-maternity-ware as long as possible.

Now, with helpful hints from Lovely Jubilee designer and stylist Wilmarose Orlanes, you may be able to keep wearing regular clothes and looking fab, even as your bump gets bigger.

There are a few techniques and items that will work in any closet.

Wear jackets with flattering seaming that gives the illusion of structure to more flowy pieces underneath. Accessories, leggings, and stretchy skirts can be easy ways to add style. Wilmarose even reveals her belly band trick for extending the wear of pants.

Sometimes wearing larger sizes will do the trick. And when that stops working, it may be off to the pregnancy section you go. Just make sure that you feel beautiful and confident in your clothes either way.

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Just, wow…

These photos are hilarious. And if you don’t know the joy of your child throwing a tantrum, then you soon will.

Until then, peruse these 34 hilarious photos and prepare yourself for what is to come! Really, it’s a lot of fun. I especially like number 4. How dare they say no to more bacon. A travesty…a complete injustice.

Trust me.

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Fashion by the Tri’s!

Wondering what to wear during your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester? things can be a bit tricky if you have yet to announce your pregnancy to family and friends. Or let’s say you’re on the other side and find yourself having a hard time finding something during the 3rd trimester.

Today’s article aims to help by breaking down some of the things that are or will be going on with your body and your emotions. It’s a helpful read because it really does specifically pinpoint some of the concerns you ought to have, depending on the trimester you are in.

After you’re done reading the article, hop on over to our site and let us help you pick out the best clothes to enjoy the best time of your life.