Nursery Fun for Your Little Girl

As an expectant mother of a girl, you may have many emotions and excitement about raising a woman. Women go through so many stages in their lives and you will be on the front row to witness all of them. From the time you first but barrettes in your daughter’s hair, to the first time they kick a ball in little league soccer! You will be there when they start to transform during puberty and when she has her first high school crush! Soon you will be transitioning her to the college of her dreams and cheering her on as she explores her passions! But, before all of that happens, she gets to be your baby girl! This precious stage of her adventurous life is the best part because she’s in your arm and loves being with you all the time! Take advantage of this closeness and celebrate her time as a small baby with the perfect nursery! If you are an expectant mother, read this article today to learn the best way to dress up their nursery so it can become the perfect place for you and her to make memories!


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How to Take Great Winter Beach Photos!

When it comes to taking family photos, it’s obvious that more is more! There are many reasons why you need another session! You just sent your Christmas cards, but maybe it’s time to refresh the photos in your home! Even if it is not summertime, you can still take the weather to your advantage and have cute outdoorsy shoot! Your whole family can look great if you take inspiration from this shoot! If you are looking to have a great set of family photo sessions, read this article to learn the best ways!

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Listen to Your Doctor and Stop Freaking out about Your Baby!

It’s true what they say about new mothers. Your first baby is your pride and joy, and you give them your full attention. However, some new mothers get a little antsy when it comes to their baby’s health and may be prone to freaking out at every little thing! If you are an expectant mother, read this article to learn when to calm down, and when to be concerned about your child.


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At Home Mommy Spa Day!

There are many reasons why you deserve a break. Think about that one time that you put your kids down for a nap and went for a quick shower. You returned to the nursery only to find that one of your young children somehow got their hands on the baby powder and now the room looks like a winter wonderland! Or what about that time where your baby had a sour stomach and spewed out their entire dinner all over the kitchen floor? Let’s face it, being a mom is a tough gig, but also one of the most rewarding identities a woman can have. But from time to time you may need a break to help you stay sane! But, if you are afraid of leaving your kids at home for a long time for a spa day, then you can look for opportunities to soothe yourself at home! If you are an expectant mother or a new mom, read this article to learn how you can soothe yourself with an at-home spa treatment for your feet!


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Teething Prep!

One of the fascinating things about having a baby is getting to watch it grow and become more like a human! One of the steps that happen is that they will get teeth, and sometimes that can cause them pain. Teething can cause irritability, and the need for children to have an oral fixation. If you are an expectant mother, read this article to learn how to help your children during teething!


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Apple Watch Parenting!

As a new parent there are many things that you have to juggle with a bouncing baby on your hip. While your partner is at work, you must take care of the baby and yourself, stay in communication with your partner, handle the house, and the groceries! What if you had a tool that would help you balance all of these with your schedule? If you are expecting, read this article to learn why you should add a smart watch to your baby shower wishlist.


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How to Avoid Catching Cold Season

bella-blu-34As soon as there is a chill in the air, you must feel a bit anxious about your family’s health. You know how this pattern goes, you drop off your older child at kindergarten while your partner goes to work. You stay at home with the baby and make sure to clean and sanitize everything in case anyone comes back. But then your child comes back from school with a dreaded sniffle. You already know that it will now be a slippery slope until every person in your home starts coughing and feeling the effects of the cold season! You want to avoid this taking your family out for a week and having to soothe your baby, who will definitely be susceptible. If you are an expectant mother and don’t want to deal with the ramifications of cold season and your family, read this article to learn the best way to bypass all of cold season with a healthy family!


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Mental Self-Soothing During Pregnancy

Being pregnancy has many complications that can make you scared about the outcome. With so many changes happening in your body, it is a miracle that a baby grows all the way until birth. A healthy baby is a privilege, not a right, and it can be hard to bounce back from a failed pregnancy. If you are an expectant mother and have survived a failed pregnancy, read this article today!


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How to Tell if You’re a Good Mommy

Being a parent is one of the most holistic, exhausting, and joyful identities that we can have as people. Parenting involves more than just creating off-spring, but also requires the life-long commitment of passing down love, wisdom, opportunities, and protection for your children. If you are expecting your first baby, prepare yourself and read this article to learn the 10 commandments of good parenting!


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Why New Moms Get Burned Out, and Why That’s Okay

If someone asked you to describe the average day in the life of a mother, you may find that your story resembles that from others. Despite your level of fatigue, you wake up and start preparing food or bottles for your children, right in time for them to wake up already needing your presence. After helping them to brush their teeth and get dressed, you are in charge of making sure they are entertained and learning throughout the day. Oftentimes, moms still have to manage affairs at work and are also expected to be supportive of their partner’s careers. You are also the emergency nurse if your children get bumps and bruises, or accidentally touch that hot pan that you warned them about. You have to manage their behavior when you all are out in public and you are starting to feel burned out with all of this responsibility! If you are an expectant mother and afraid or experiencing some burn-out, read this article today to learn how to deal with it and come out peaceful and with renewed energy!


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