The Beauty of Breastfeeding!

When you think about breastfeeding, what image comes to mind? You may picture a happy and hungry baby a tad red faced and crying for milk, then becoming sweetly pacified as his mother picks him up. Then he patiently waits for her breast and happily drinks to satisfaction as he is fed with his mother’s milk. Breastfeeding is a great time for mothers to bond with their babies as they pass on key nutrients. Breastmilk also carries many nutrients that are important to infants. But did you know that in some circles, the beauty of breastfeeding is being curtailed because some people don’t understand its importance! In some thoughts, it is seen as a part of motherhood that should be hidden away. However, many women are reclaiming the right to feed their babies in public because it is a natural and beautiful part of motherhood that shouldn’t be made into something less than that. If you are an expectant mother, read this article to learn why the joy of nursing is beautiful and should be defended!


Read the full article here: The Joy of Nursing


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